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BIGFlix is a Reliance Entertainment owned movie on demand service that was launched in India in 2008. Its subscribers can watch movies any time of the day and night without worrying about commercial interruptions. It does not depend on advertisements and therefore does not require a monthly subscription fee. Users can stream movies from any part of the world at any time of the day. While the service is not yet profitable, it has been gaining popularity.

The service offers unlimited movie viewing to its users. You can watch as many movies as you want during your subscription period. You can save movies you want to watch and access them across multiple devices. Moreover, you can download content to watch later. If you have a computer, you can launch the BIGFlix app offline to watch the downloaded content. After downloading, simply launch the app to view the downloaded content. Once you have completed your subscription, you can also access your account on multiple devices, including TVs, computers, and smartphones.

Another benefit of BIGFlix is that it allows users to stream their favorite movies across multiple devices. It requires only a browser and a mobile device to access the service. Since the service does not require any sign-up or registration, you can simply log in and watch the movies. Then, you can share the content with your friends and family and enjoy uninterrupted movie watching at any time. If you want to watch a movie anywhere, BIGFlix is the best option.

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