Why is addiction becoming more common across the country?

Addiction is quickly spreading across the country and unless action is taken the spread will become even more uncontrollable and several other problems will arise. In a recent survey, it was found the total number of addicts in the country has horrifyingly shot past the 20 million mark. The even more dangerous part of this survey proclaimed that not even 10 percent of this addict population is involved in actively trying to rid themselves of their addiction. This means that each year the total addict population is increasing significantly. The most prevalent age group in the aforementioned number are people from the ages of 18 to 25. This is another point of distress since these are the people who are meant to be the workforce and lead our country through the problems it might face in the future. Instead, these people are becoming a burden on the country as the country has to support them since they are unable to do so themselves. Moreover, the drugs they buy end up becoming a form of financial support for different criminal groups and allow them to further their criminal activities that also harm the country and society in general. Several reasons are causing the number of addicts in the country to increase at such a rate.

One of the main reasons is the Coronavirus and the lockdown that ensued after its outbreak in Wuhan. The entire world was brought to a standstill as countries dashed to enforce lockdowns in an attempt to curtail the rapid spread of the virus. Scientific communities around the country raced to find a viable cure while the general public was gripped with rumors and hysteria. People were afraid and distressed as they saw a situation unlike any other pan out in front of them. Many were forced to confront the idea of their mortality. People were locked inside with little to no social interaction or a form of catharsis. This meant that they are surrounded by their usual problems on top of the situation that gripped the world. The mental pressure cracked a lot of people and they turned to drugs to get their minds away from the current situation. Alcohol and prescription drugs were the most abused since they are quite common in the average household. As a result addiction numbers are skyrocketing.

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As mentioned above drug addiction is becoming quite common in the 18 to 25 age group. Most of these are college and university students and are often attracted to drugs in these institutions, sometimes by dealers or other students. Most of these students are young and naive and are stepping out of the care of their parents or other authority figures. Here in the adult world they often unconsciously gravitate towards other students who appear to be more “adult” and try to imitate them. Sometimes this means that they end up being involved in drugs. Another reason the abuse of drugs is spreading amongst students is that most drug dealers employ students to peddle their drugs on campus. This way the dealers are safe from police activity and they get access to a market that is otherwise unavailable. Another small reason is that most students are unable to cope with the amount of work they are given each semester. The burden of assignments for exams often forces them to turn to drugs as a way to fuel their studying.

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Drug addiction is no joke and it must be taken seriously and tackled with a certain gravity. If you or someone around you is suffering from drug abuse then get in touch with a rehab clinic since rehab therapy is the best way of ridding yourself of the scourge of drug addiction. Lookup seven arrows recovery and get yourself a session so that you can start your rehab journey today.

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