What is the 12-step program and what can this program do for you?

The 12-step program, it is very old and is almost around for a century now. People in the 20th century were trying to find a proper program for curing alcohol addiction, and they finally stumbled upon an idea that did not require the use of medicine, but rather required the use of one’s faith. This faith-based recovery program was based off of the principles of Christianity, but not in a literal form. The program was and still is for everyone and it does not by any chance discriminate with any other religion. People of all faiths can use the 12-steps program and get the benefits of it.

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The 12-steps program is used in conjunction with other programs of rehabilitation such as the outpatient program where the patient can go to the rehab facility for a few hours a day while they focus on their work or study life along with other aspects of their everyday activities. The 12-step program is also used in conjunction with the inpatient treatment program at a rehab center where the patient has to be admitted inside the rehab center for a period of time until they see results. The 12-step program can even be taken if someone is just in the very early stages of addiction and they have had an early intervention by the parents and the counselor so that the person who did drugs does not go on a path of disaster where they make their life a living nightmare. The 12-step program can even be used as a way to complete an aftercare program so that the person becomes refined and gets ready for the outside world and the life that they used to live while having minimum chances of having any relapse.

There are many other benefits of the 12-step program but these ones should be enough to get you started on the path of recovery in a spiritual way. To double down on what the 12-step program is, it should be known that it isn’t just one program, there are dozens of variations, the basic 12-step program was for alcohol addiction treatment, and it went like this:

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  1. Admitting that you are powerless when it comes to your addiction.
  2. Having the faith that the higher being will help you in any shape or form.
  3. Taking a firm decision that the higher being will take control of your entire life.
  4. Looking inward at your actions and words.
  5. Admitting that you have done wrong to the higher being, to yourself, and to the people in your life.
  6. Being open to the idea that the higher power will correct all of the mistakes that you have made.
  7. Asking the higher being to remove any mistakes that you have committed.
  8. Make a thorough list of all the wrong words and acts you have done to others and be willing to make truce with them.
  9. Getting in touch with people that you have hurt, but also not getting in contact with them if you think your presence could end up hurting them further.
  10. Keep looking inward for any faults in actions and words and making sure that you forgive yourself and others instantly the moment something wrong is done by you.
  11. Getting closer with the higher being through meditation and prayer.
  12. Passing on the good word of the 12-step program to fellow patients.

The 12-step program has been working for decades and it has gained even more popularity now despite the evolution of medical science, so getting the 12-step program has no harm, if you see no results with the medical ways, adding this into your rehabilitation routine might give you some benefits, if you want to check it out then see here.

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