Tips To Make Your Divorce Process Faster

It is very uncommon for people to ask: “What can we make the divorce process faster?” Milwaukee divorce attorneys say some people are fed up with their unhappy marriage life, hoping to get a divorce quickly. Still, some people find themselves in a roommate zone with their partner and simply want to move on with their life. Regardless of why you want to take a divorce, some steps can speed up the divorce process if your spouse does not block your way.

Tips to make your divorce process faster

  • Figure what you want really

Ensure that you have a strategic plan for the potential roadblocks of divorce–child custody arrangement and property division before any official paperwork or negotiations begin.

For example, you and your spouse should work out to decide what you want for the house. The million-dollar question is, “who pays the mortgage?” If the wife is a stay-at-home mom and the husband is the breadwinner of the family, then the court will ensure the mother’s and children’s stability until the finalization of the divorce. It includes paying for the mortgage if the husband has paid it for a considerable time.

  • Prepare in advance

One of the famous military adages, “Fail to prepare, you will prepare to fail,” holds true for divorces also.

The law gets confusing and complex when it gets into stressful situations like divorce. The divorce often takes time, and you and your ex-spouse need to settle. However, if you spend time learning about the divorce laws, the divorce would be faster.

  • Be aware of the latest divorce news.

Usually, the couple needs to stay separate for a maximum of 12 months in order to file and finalize their divorce. However, sometimes couples without any children can waive the 12-month separation period in the “Divorce by Mutual consent” clause, which speeds up the divorce process.

Also, an updated version of the clause allows the couple with minor children to file for divorce immediately–if they have signed settlement agreements.

  • Understand the recent tax changes

This tip might go with a different list, but you should consider taxes that go hand-in-hand while preparing for divorce. For example, you may have to pay more tax if you are earning more than your wife because you may trap in a higher tax bracket after divorce.

You can also leverage your new tax status when negotiating alimony or child support.

  • Communicate and compromise

This tip is easier to say than to do because you worked so hard with your partner to build a life, and now it is ending. Always consider the bigger life after your divorce. As you reflect and make decisions, you should actively communicate your thoughts to your ex-spouse and make decisions accordingly. 

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