Sealing Vinyl on Acrylic Key chains

There are many ways to seal vinyl on acrylic key chains. However, using the quickest and the easiest one is always recommended. Acrylic key chains are the latest fashion trend and are super easy to make. They are strong and resilient against scratches and dust. But if you do not seal the vinyl on your acrylic keychain, it will start ripping off in less than a week. So here are some easy ways to protect your keychain and make sure it does not endure any damage while being used.

UV Resin

If you know how to work with resins, this method is for you! Apply your vinyl to the acrylic keychain using a transfer tape. Then peel the tape off and squirt some resin on the top. Use a small silicone brush to very gently spread it all over the keychain. Ensure that it is even across the surface.

Use a UV light to cure the resin. Once it hardens, your vinyl is sealed and your keychain is ready!

Mod Podge

Mod Podge is actively used to seal paintings and protect them. Using it for vinyl sealing is an option too. Although this provides less protection than the UV resin, it still works pretty well as a cheap alternative option. Mod Podge is affordable and you can find it almost anywhere. So when UV resin is not in your reach, you should definitely try this. It keeps your acrylic keychain safe for quite a few months. You can renew the coats if you start to see any scratches. Once it is applied, it takes some time to dry. Keep it in a dry area till it dries completely.

If you plan to add any glitter to your keychain, Mod Podge is your way to go. Glitter works great with it and does not spread on everything in its surroundings if you use Mod Podge with it.


Polycrylic is an acrylic sealant that comes in a spray bottle and in a painting pot too. So you can use whatever application method you are suitable with. You have to be careful with it. Wear gloves while handling it and if you use a spray sealer, do wear a mask. This sealant is perfect for acrylics and sealing pieces of vinyl. You can use a brush to paint a few coats over your keychain and then wait for it to dry.

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