Pets Helped People Cope During Pandemic Study

According to a new study from the University of York, owning a pet helped people cope better during the pandemic. The research looked at the effects of pets in a crisis, especially during the lockdown phase. It also found that owners appreciated their animals, as they were their “lifelines” during the crisis. The findings suggest that dogs, cats and other companion animals may help people deal with loneliness and depression.

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The study found that pet owners in Britain’s lockdown situation were more emotionally resilient than non-pet owners. In particular, the study revealed that almost nine out of 10 individuals had a pet, and 96% of these individuals said that having a pet helped them deal with the stress. It was also found that pets help people stay physically fit. This result is promising, but the study only has limited clinical implications.

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Ending Line

The researchers also noted that pets helped people to cope with the stress of the lockdown. The study found that nine out of ten people who experienced lockdown situations had at least one pet. Those who owned pets reported fewer health problems and were able to cope with the stress and anxiety. The researchers believe that pets can play a positive role in coping with a pandemic. Visit This Site: eblogz

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