How to Help Your Senior Citizen in House With Dementia 

When you have a parent with dementia, you need to be extra careful with them as they are at higher risk of getting into accidents and hurting themselves at home. When hiring a Norristown home health care service, ensure you properly tell your parent’s condition to them. This will allow them to create a personalized plan for your parent for maximum safety. 

While the carer will take care that the senior citizen remains safe and take precautions to avoid accidents, you can also take a few steps to help your loved one suffering from dementia. 

  • Always make sure your senior citizen is in a room with proper lighting. 

Dark rooms are more prone to cause accidents to your senior citizen in the house. Therefore, ensure they are in a well-lit room where they can see their surroundings clearly. 

  • Help them in getting up and down the stairs. 

If possible, you should allot the room on the ground floor in the house for them. However, when you take them outside, there are chances that the senior may trip downstairs while climbing or getting down. Therefore, assist them in climbing and getting down. When you are not around, a professional carer will help them in doing so. 

  • Keep the unused items or anything away from the passage area. 

It is vital to make sure there is no object that can come in between the seniors in your house when they are walking. Often objects lying down can cause your loved one to trip and fall, leading to various injuries. 

  • Take care of their medications. 

People with dementia may not remember when they are supposed to take their medications, whether they consumed them, and which medications they should take. If you do not take a look at their medications, there are chances that they take double dosage, thinking they did not take it before. So, ensure you keep an eye on their medications and help take them on time. 

  • Be patient with them. 

People with dementia will often ask repeated questions as they may not remember if they have already asked you. Additionally, you will notice them forgetting little things quickly. Sometimes it can be challenging to handle the situation. However, remain patient with them and politely answer them. Sometimes your rude behavior can demotivate your loved ones and may make them feel bad or a burden. Let them know you are there to help them with anything they want. 

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