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Easiest Country to Get Permanent Residency in Europe Without Investment

In order to acquire permanent residency in Europe, you need to invest EUR300k, but the process can take as long as five years. Moreover, the process is complicated as you have to comply with different rules. Once you have invested EUR300k, you can start a new business in the EU country. However, the best way to qualify for citizenship in Europe is to invest in the country’s economy.

Another option for obtaining a permanent residency in the European Union is through family. Most EU countries offer an ancestry path for citizenship or residency. Your spouse or children can also qualify for EU citizenship. You can even apply for a residence permit as long as you are a member of the EU. Besides, you can even work and invest in the EU country. You can find jobs in the country and use this opportunity to get a permanent residency.

Last Line

Cyprus is another easy country to get permanent residency in Europe without investment. For this, you need to buy a property worth at least EUR160,000 or a home worth at least EUR500,000. Once you have paid the required amount of money, you can apply for residency and eventually make your family a part of the country. To get residency in the European Union, you can also buy a home in the country and then occupy it for as long as you want.

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