Dracunculiasis – Guinea Worm Disease

Dracunculiasis is an infection that can affect humans and animals. It is caused by the nematode Dracunculus medinensis. This worm is not contagious among humans, but it is dangerous for guinea pigs. The disease is also transmitted through drinking water, but the symptoms are usually not obvious. Regardless of the host animal, the most effective way to control the worm is to keep it out of the environment.

Dracunculiasis is a parasitic disease caused by the nematode Dracunculus medinensis. Today, it is a localized disease, affecting only rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the disease still causes economic and social hardship. A recent study in Kenya found that nearly 3 million cases of the disease have been eradicated.

Infected individuals should stay away from drinking water and peri-domestic baboons. While there are no vaccines or treatments for dracunculiasis, the disease can be treated. By boiling or filtering drinking water, a person can safely get rid of dracunculiasis and prevent the spread of the worm to other humans.

Ending Line

Dracunculiasis is the most common parasitic disease in the world, affecting remote rural communities in 13 countries of sub-Saharan Africa. There are no vaccines for the disease, and natural immunity to it is not possible. Despite the success of the Global Guinea Worm Eradication Campaign, the condition still remains a neglected tropical disease. There is no cure yet, but eradication of this condition could bring lasting relief to millions of people.

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