Different Types of Key chains

Custom key chains are a new way to engage yourself in DIY personalization. You can put a trademark of your choice on a keychain and feel a sense of emotional attachment to it because you made it yourself, and it means something to you. The versatility custom keychains offer is incredibly vast, not only with designs but also with their types. In this article we will be listing the best ones for you:


You simply anticipated this one. Did you not? One of the most popular types of key chains that are used all over the globe is metal. The popularity of this material is due to its shiny appearance that complements the key giving users a visually appealing product. But we are not finished here though! Because the clinging and jingling of keys make it easier for one to spot them. Therefore, you never lose your keychain and it is always with you.


Key chains made of plastic are the second most common type. This material allows you to customize key chains according to your liking. You can throw in as many colors as you want to make the product aesthetically pleasing. The bright look of it will help you spot it from a distance, and you will never forget where you placed it!


Definitely a modern and frugal spin on key chains. This type of keychain can be found in stores but designing yourself at home is preferable. It gives you room for creativity and personalization because you can put in beads, glitters, pictures, and what not. The possibilities are endless to make a custom keychain.


A wooden keychain can not only look good but also offers a special aroma along with it depending on the type of wood to carve on. A little piece of oak with your personally sculpted design on it would appear very eye-catching among your peers. Carving on a piece of wood is very similar to sketching, so it should not be much of a challenge and just requires some patience and precision. Craft your wooden custom keychains today and make the most out of your artistic mind!


A good leather keychain not only looks classy but very graceful as well. A nice personalized leather keychain would go perfectly with your car keys. Instead of having a boring empty car key why not mix things up and make your very own custom keychain out of leather? Leather is considered very easy to stitch, and you can easily stitch a design of your liking on it. Convenient and stylish, what’s not to like?


We have summarized a variety of key chains in terms of their material and design. Now you can simply go and purchase one or make a custom keychain for you or your loved ones! Your life could be significantly simplified by this modest invention!

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