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The French video sharing website Dailymotion is the largest video-sharing site in the world. It is owned by Vivendi and launched in the North American market in September 2011. The service is available in 43 different languages and is localised in 182 countries. It features local content from a variety of different languages. The website is the most popular video-sharing website in France, but its popularity has increased globally. This article discusses some of the most popular videos on Dailymotion.
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Aside from the large audience, Dailymotion also has the advantage of flexible monetization policies. Publishers are able to generate revenue from ads, product placements, and user-generated content. While Dailymotion is still lagging behind YouTube, it offers a much more targeted audience. Using the Dailymotion platform gives you the opportunity to reach a more targeted audience. Unlike other sites, the service is personalized and focuses on providing quality content.

Dailymotion is free to use, but some people may find its content offensive. To prevent this, users can use the “Age Gate” feature. This feature will automatically block videos that are too explicit or contain inappropriate language. You can toggle this feature on and off. Alternatively, you can disable it completely. This will keep your videos out of the search results if you don’t want to see them. Regardless of your preferences, Dailymotion is a great place to share and watch videos with friends and family.
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