Ways to Give Your Cat a Pill: Tips & Tricks 

As a veterinarian, I often joke that I spent most of the last 5 years at the vet school learning to give cats their pills. This usually makes me laugh before I quickly insert the pill into the cats throat and the owner looks at me like I am a magician. Its not easy to tame your cat, but Im not a real hero – I just know some good ticks, passed from a veterinarian to a vet and upgraded to perfection in my interrogation room. They dont work all the time – I remember the cat climbing over my head trying to number six, scratching me to pieces – but 99% of the time, I can take the pill down, for the first time.

If you are one of the owners who would look at me uncontrollably if the pill was swallowed, it is probably not surprising that the majority of cat owners are concerned about treating their cats. And until the quarter do not complete the prescribed course of treatment due to the difficulty of giving the cat a pill.

Whether you should give their quarterly worming tablet or vet prescription pills to be given several times a day, I have put together my top tips for spraying cats – vet style!

1.Check the Label

Before you start, you should check the instructions for the pills you have been given for your kit. Some tablets cannot be supplied with food. Some can cause serious problems if not followed by a diet pill pill on the floor. Check the name instructions and, if in doubt, refer to your vet. In general, I do not recommend crushing the plates to put them in your cat. 

For some tablets, this will make them useless; for others, it can be dangerous. At the very least, it makes it less likely that your pet will get the right amount. If you feel that crushing is the only way to get the pill in, you should check with your vet that it is safe to do.

2.Choose your time

Make sure you choose your time. Do not take your pilling pill if you are in a hurry or going to work – you will be anxious, and trying to speed things up, and your cat will take over this. Likewise, do not choose to do this when the cat has just barked at the dogs and the children are barking – your cat will be strong and able to defend itself, causing biting and biting. He will also come in very scared with the whole experience. Pick a time when you can start doing it right, and calm down!

3.Train your cat to like pills

No, I’m not crazy. Just like anything, you can do a Cat Training with your cat ahead of time so that it cools down and collects when it is time for treatment. You can give them empty gelatine capsules and reward them for eating them, or give them acting pills as a special reward so they look fun. If your cat is click-trained, you can teach them ‘eating’ instructions using handles – eventually, you will be able to give them anything and tell them to ‘eat’, and reward them for doing so!

4.Hide the tablet in food

I know, it sounds ridiculous and easy, but this will work for most cats! Vary the type and texture of the food until you find your friend’s kryptonite. Most cats will take the pill in small amounts of soft foods. Depending on what is wrong with your cat, you can also remove the food for a few hours before the pill to make sure they are hungry and want to eat. 

If your cat does not take it in the regular diet, try bribery. I recommend giving a few without diet pills first (most cats do not accept new food as safe until the fourth one goes), then make one with a pill inside, and some that are not contaminated to make. a good event for the next time.

5.Use a prepared pill solution

like EasyPill, or Greenies’ Pill Pockets. This is designed to have a place to hide the pill inside and many have strong flavouted to hide the taste of the pill. Royal Canins Pill Assist reports daily drinking in 91% of cases when using diapers, and they have some great reviews from pet owners around the world.

6.Use tablet popper

These large tools burn the pill at the back of the throat and mean you never have to have your fingers close to Felix’s mouth again. Just put the pill in the end, open the cat’s mouth, put the popper pill in the mouth, and fire! This is my favorite method – I call the ‘Vet Finger-Saver’ pill – but it is usually the best for the quarter worm, not a normal routine: it is a good way not to worry about the vevet, but it can contaminate other cats. their owners if they are constantly in conflict with them.

  1. Blowing on his nose

If your cat has not yet swallowed his pill, try blowing it gently on his nose. This little strange trick can cause a reflex to swallow even in those cats determined to hide the pill in their mouth. Gently stroking the throat can also help them swallow. And, as mentioned above, look that you are not turning his head too much!

8.Follow the pill with water

If Felix is ​​good at handling a pill in the mouth and spitting it out of the blue, try following the pill with water. It is best to rub it immediately after the pill, and then hold the closed mouth and tilt the head slightly to encourage swallowing. Appropriate head length is important, too – if you hold the head high, the cat will have difficulty swallowing. (You can try this: try turning your head back and swallowing- hard!)

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