How Does HPV Show Up in a Blood Test?

How does HPV show up in a blood test? In order to diagnose it, you need to have a cervical screening test, which is a type of HPV test. These tests are done to screen for conditions that could lead to cervix cancer, including HPV. The process involves taking a sample of cervical cells and sending them to a lab for HPV testing.

A positive HPV test result usually means that you have a high risk for HPV. This means you are infected with HPV types that have a higher chance of developing cancer. The lab will recommend follow-up tests based on your specific results. If you do not receive the test within a few weeks, call your health care provider to discuss your next steps. If you are told that you have high-risk HPV, your provider can take additional precautions.

Final Touch

Performing an HPV test can also be part of a regular checkup. The doctor will insert a plastic or metal speculum into the vagina and open it. A small sampler will be used to collect a sample of cells from the vagina. The cells will be sent to a lab for further analysis. If your lab test reveals no evidence of HPV infection, you will need to undergo additional tests to determine whether you have cervical cancer.

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